Fortuna’s shadow conjuction helps Rublev win ATP Dubai

Russian tennis star Rublev won his 10th title with the help of an interesting movement in the heavens above Dubai. There were two significant aspects at the start of the match. The first was Moon’s sextile to Fortuna being a major testimony for favored Rublev. The second aspect was Saturn conjunct with the antiscion(shadow) ofContinue reading “Fortuna’s shadow conjuction helps Rublev win ATP Dubai”

Moon’s trine to Fortuna locks in Ruud’s ATP title

It was the final for the ATP 250 in Buenos Aires. Norway’s Casper Ruud was favored to beat Argentina’s own Diego Schwartzman. Ruud started off a bit shaky and lost the first set but eventually won the next two easily to eventually win the trophy. It seemed as if he was meant to win it.Continue reading “Moon’s trine to Fortuna locks in Ruud’s ATP title”

Same Cities, Different Sport, Different year….Same Code.

There’s something about Kansas City and Cleveland going up against each other. I observed two instances where they faced each other(baseball and Am. Football) and the code for the game was the same, as was the outcome! The code for both instances was (U) (U) w(x) where x can be F(favorite) or U(underdog). When aContinue reading “Same Cities, Different Sport, Different year….Same Code.”

Two negatives make a positive

I have observed that the side favored to win by the bookies will certainly win when there are two aspects favoring the underdog. I call it the double negative chart. It’s like two negative numbers being multiplied to make a positive(win). Not easy to explain but I see it as positive/negative energy or ‘polarity’ beingContinue reading “Two negatives make a positive”

SuperBowl 54

The Kansas City Chiefs were favored to win here and they did so. If you applied Frawley’s method(Chapter 2) here, the obvious indicator for the favored team to win would be the Moon’s sextile to Depositor of FOrtuna before going to trine Lord 7(underdog). According to Frawley, moon’s aspects to Fortuna or its Depositor areContinue reading “SuperBowl 54”

Superbowl 55

Chiefs made it to the superbowl again as favorites against Tom Brady and his new Buccaneers team who were playing at their home stadium in Tampa in front of around 24,000 fans! This was an easy one for me as I had enough data at this point to be confident that this would be anContinue reading “Superbowl 55”

Opening Day Upset

Cleveland Indians are favored on the road vs Detroit and the code indicates this game will go to the Tigers and/or extra innings. Und + Und + w(Und) + w(Und). There is something special about this combination and that is that there is a mutual aspect in it. Moon sextile to the antiscion of FOrtunaContinue reading “Opening Day Upset”