How it all started:

With a background in Computer Science and Applied Math/Statistics I started charting baseball player stats and forecasting the output(specifically starting pitchers) for their next start using financial forecasting models. To my surprise it was highly accurate and I won 1st place a few times in Draftking/Fanduel daily paid fantasy contests but was in the top 20(out of 3000 and sometimes more players) most times. Winning a bit of money was cool but the thrill of predicting a player’s output accurately was ….for lack of a better adjective…..paramount. I could feel that I was onto something….it wasn’t impossible to be certain about the unseen future..

The number crunching and modeling wasn’t always 100%. As the cliched saying within the realm of probability and statistics goes “nothing is ever 100%”. Every projection is a kind of variable and sometimes even an imaginary number to which other imaginary variables are clasped on to to come up with something that should look like what is to be expected or not. I fell in love with baseball because of all the stats and variables and what one could do with them. Almost gave one complete control over the game especially in terms of the outcome. But there were some instances where stats could not explain(well some of those things are defined as regression in math) that one little coincidence(s)that happened out of the blue in game, which turned the tide against or in favor of a team. I needed to know what determined that or at least how to measure it or see it coming. I wasn’t satisfied.

I searched for books, looked for better forecasting models….and a title caught my attention in the search results one day….Sports Astrology by John Frawley.

In the book, Frawley details a few astrological methods that work. I tested one of his methods and found correlation. I also discovered things that are not in the book and things that are contrary(only a few). With all due respect to Mr. Frawley, I have just built on the method and gone deeper. From there on I started making the connections between the astrological patterns and the results of the games and can now attest with proof that it is 100% accurate. This is the realm of the occult and I don’t intend to reveal everything of course. I am at a point where I can cast a chart for a certain game(few days before) on a certain day and be sure of the result…and it happens….There was a time when my jaw would drop after being correct and wining a bet, but now it has just become routine. For anybody into astrology I would recommend reading that book if you haven’t already.

On this site I will share some of my data/charts, and show that it’s not so much about where each significant planet is positioned relative to the others and cusps etc….but more so about a ‘code’ that is created with the combination of those significant aspects.

Below is my betting profile. 95+% of my bets per month are based on my astrological method.

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