A Fortuitous conjunction for Palestine(FC)

Round 2 of the qualifying games for next year’s world cup being played for a week all over the world and there couldn’t have been a better alignment for any other team but favored Palestine going up against underdogs Singapore. Of course this was being played on neutral ground(Riyadh, Saudi Arabia) and at the whistleContinue reading “A Fortuitous conjunction for Palestine(FC)”

Barcelona overpowered by Pluto

Pluto strikes again! Soccer giants, Barcelona were unable to secure the top spot in their league after blowing a 2-0 lead on the road to Levante. In my previous post I had pointed out how Pluto’s aspect over Fortuna or its antiscion is always bad news for the favorites. The closing price for the oddsContinue reading “Barcelona overpowered by Pluto”

Pluto, the Destroyer

In the “second-tier” Champions league of South America, the home team from Paraguay were favored against the visiting Brazilian squad. With the Antiscion of Fortuna on the first house, it seemed to indicate an easy win for the home team but there was another significant aspect against them that eluded my eyes. The Moon makingContinue reading “Pluto, the Destroyer”

Au Revoir PSG

With Manchester City taking the first game 2-1 in Paris, the combinations above the skies were all in favor for them to take the second leg at home today. One aspect favoring Manchester and two favoring Paris. The antiscion of Fortuna tucked inside the 7th house is usually a strong indicator for underdog team toContinue reading “Au Revoir PSG”

Pluto and Neptune are bad news for the favorites

The Chicago White Sox were favored to win at home vs Cleveland Indians and the code U U w(U) w(U) was a favorite win, based on my data, but this had a special case of an outer planet(Neptune) making a tight aspect(less than 1 degree) opposing Pot of FOrtune aka Fortuna, the ultimate indicator forContinue reading “Pluto and Neptune are bad news for the favorites”

All Events are Fixed……….Above the Skies

At kickoff the code was F U w(F), which when unique, is a guaranteed win for the favored team. Interesting that this was the only game with Fortuna antiscion inside the 4th combined with the first Lord on the 7th and Pluto on the 4th for the day. …And it was the game with ManchesterContinue reading “All Events are Fixed……….Above the Skies”

Two negatives make a positive

I have observed that the side favored to win by the bookies will certainly win when there are two aspects favoring the underdog. I call it the double negative chart. It’s like two negative numbers being multiplied to make a positive(win). Not easy to explain but I see it as positive/negative energy or ‘polarity’ beingContinue reading “Two negatives make a positive”

SuperBowl 54

The Kansas City Chiefs were favored to win here and they did so. If you applied Frawley’s method(Chapter 2) here, the obvious indicator for the favored team to win would be the Moon’s sextile to Depositor of FOrtuna before going to trine Lord 7(underdog). According to Frawley, moon’s aspects to Fortuna or its Depositor areContinue reading “SuperBowl 54”

Superbowl 55

Chiefs made it to the superbowl again as favorites against Tom Brady and his new Buccaneers team who were playing at their home stadium in Tampa in front of around 24,000 fans! This was an easy one for me as I had enough data at this point to be confident that this would be anContinue reading “Superbowl 55”

Opening Day Upset

Cleveland Indians are favored on the road vs Detroit and the code indicates this game will go to the Tigers and/or extra innings. Und + Und + w(Und) + w(Und). There is something special about this combination and that is that there is a mutual aspect in it. Moon sextile to the antiscion of FOrtunaContinue reading “Opening Day Upset”