7th Ruler tucked inside 10th means victory for the Favorites!

Greetings! I have been extremely busy with charting! There were some errors found and fixed in the saved data(Past charts) and there’s plenty of more data that’s needs fixing. Thought I would post something since it has been forever. The ruler of the underdog inside the 10th(favorite) is a sign that the favorite will win!Continue reading “7th Ruler tucked inside 10th means victory for the Favorites!”

A Sextile and square aspect to end Mets’ season

With the first house representing the favorite Mets and the opposite 7th house for the underdogs Padres, Game 1 of the wildcard had the Moon applying square to the ruler of the 7th(Mars), hinting bad news for the Mets. Padres dominated from the start to win Game 1. For the deciding game 3, the MoonContinue reading “A Sextile and square aspect to end Mets’ season”

The Ideal Chart for Profit

When the favored side has two testimonies(F F) and they are at home then it is always a certain win. The only condition for it to be 100% is that it has to be unique for that day. I have plenty of data to prove that but will not post it here. Bulgaria’s CSKA SofiaContinue reading “The Ideal Chart for Profit”

Results are a matter of Degrees

The Phoenix Suns were slightly favored on the road in Game 4 of the NBA Western Conference Semifinals vs Dallas Mavericks. At tip off there were two aspects, one favoring each team. Lord 1(Phoenix) on the 10th(phoenix) and Lord 1(Phoenix) also being opposed(Dallas) by Fortuna at the same time making it a mutual aspect. WhatContinue reading “Results are a matter of Degrees”

Fortuna’s shadow conjuction helps Rublev win ATP Dubai

Russian tennis star Rublev won his 10th title with the help of an interesting movement in the heavens above Dubai. There were two significant aspects at the start of the match. The first was Moon’s sextile to Fortuna being a major testimony for favored Rublev. The second aspect was Saturn conjunct with the antiscion(shadow) ofContinue reading “Fortuna’s shadow conjuction helps Rublev win ATP Dubai”

Same Cities, Different Sport, Different year….Same Code.

There’s something about Kansas City and Cleveland going up against each other. I observed two instances where they faced each other(baseball and Am. Football) and the code for the game was the same, as was the outcome! The code for both instances was (U) (U) w(x) where x can be F(favorite) or U(underdog). When aContinue reading “Same Cities, Different Sport, Different year….Same Code.”

Uranus conjunction looms over Goteborg

Fortuna’s shadow conjunct with Uranus once more this week(last one Tuesday) and this time it favored Hacken FC. The odds were strange for this game as they shifted back and forth between both teams. Hacken’s price closed at +144 which made them slight favorites against Aberdeen at +156. The favorite always wins when Fortuna orContinue reading “Uranus conjunction looms over Goteborg”

Uranus helps Gremio advance

In the quarter finals of the Brazilian Cup, the visiting favorites easily beat the hosts 3 – 0. At kickoff Uranus was making a conjunction with the shadow of Fortuna, one of the strongest indicators for the favorites to win. The pot of Fortune was at 15.19 degrees in the sign of Leo therefore itsContinue reading “Uranus helps Gremio advance”

Moon Square Fortuna Shatters France hopes

World Champions France were knocked out by Switzerland after the match went into a penalty shootout. The obvious aspect was the pot of fortune being squared by the moon, a significant testimony for the underdogs. There were two other minor(weak) aspects, Lord of 10th(swiss) antiscion on the 4th house(france) and Lord 10(Swiss) opposing Saturn. SoContinue reading “Moon Square Fortuna Shatters France hopes”

Fortune favored the Canadiens

The Canadiens punched a ticket into the Stanley Cup Finals for the first time in 28 years! Montreal Canadiens came into this game 6 as underdogs at home against the Golden Knights who were embarrassed in the previous game. Puck dropped at 20:15 pm Est and all you had to notice was the Antiscion a.k.aContinue reading “Fortune favored the Canadiens”