7th Ruler tucked inside 10th means victory for the Favorites!

Greetings! I have been extremely busy with charting! There were some errors found and fixed in the saved data(Past charts) and there’s plenty of more data that’s needs fixing. Thought I would post something since it has been forever. The ruler of the underdog inside the 10th(favorite) is a sign that the favorite will win! Especially when it is tucked tight within the house close to the cusp(within 1 degree). There is another real life indicator that needs to be observed before betting on the favorite but that’s a secret for now ;).

The first match was on April 15th 2023 between two Brazilian local clubs. The underdog was represented by Mars, since the 7th house is Aries, and it was inside the 10th house within 1 degree. The favorites won 2-1! Then pretty much a month later today(May 13th 2023) this same chart showed up in England between favorites Sunderland hosting Luton. Luton scored first but I was not worried since the Luton’s(underdog) planet Mars(Aries ruler) was tucked inside the 10th. Sunderland came back to win 2-1 as well! Both charts had the ruler of the 7th inside the 10th at almost the same degree and the result was the same! Till next time! Stay observing the stars.

Published by Astro Ali

I have a computer science/math background(Computer Science A.S, Applied Math Bsc) and started off predicting baseball games using math modelling. In a search to improve my accuracy, I discovered an out of this world, perfectly consistent method that can not only predict the outcomes of sports games 100%...but the future as well. I'm sticking to sports events at the moment though :).

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