Fortuna’s shadow conjuction helps Rublev win ATP Dubai

Russian tennis star Rublev won his 10th title with the help of an interesting movement in the heavens above Dubai. There were two significant aspects at the start of the match. The first was Moon’s sextile to Fortuna being a major testimony for favored Rublev. The second aspect was Saturn conjunct with the antiscion(shadow) of Fortuna. Since anticias move in the opposite direction(clockwise) of their bodily counterparts, the antiscion of Fortuna(at 15.3 degrees) in this chart was moving away from Saturn(18.32 degrees) and getting closer to make a conjunction with the ruler of the first house(13.25 degrees)(Rublev), a clear sign for victory for Rublev. There were a few other weaker aspects going to each side but the two highlighted above outweighed those.

Published by Astro Ali

I have a computer science/math background(Computer Science A.S, Applied Math Bsc) and started off predicting baseball games using math modelling. In a search to improve my accuracy, I discovered an out of this world, perfectly consistent method that can not only predict the outcomes of sports games 100%...but the future as well. I'm sticking to sports events at the moment though :).

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