Pitchfork(Neptune) denies Red Devils Victory

Manchester United’s popular logo of the red devil carrying a pitchfork/trident came into Italy as favorites vs Atalanta. With only one aspect favoring the red devils(Moon’s sextile to the Pot of Fortune) things looked bleak for the favorites. The favorable aspect was outweighed by Neptune on the 10th house(mid heaven) and the dispositor of Fortuna being opposed by Fortuna’s shadow! Manchester was unable to win the game but were able to get 1 point because of the draw.

Published by Astro Ali

I have a computer science/math background(Computer Science A.S, Applied Math Bsc) and started off predicting baseball games using math modelling. In a search to improve my accuracy, I discovered an out of this world, perfectly consistent method that can not only predict the outcomes of sports games 100%...but the future as well. I'm sticking to sports events at the moment though :).

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