An Anomaly up in Bodø(Norway)

A very easy win today for Bodø and me! Since it was played in Bodo, a very isolated city wayyy up north in Norway, I was very confident the chart would be unique. It was also the ideal ‘double negative’ chart(See 2 negatives make a positives post) in which the favorite always wins! The home team was favored of course and they won easily 3 – 1. I had a slight concern about the outcome because I had never seen or predicted a game where cusps 1 and 4 were in the same sign(Cancer), as well as 7 and 10 in the opposite Capricorn. I guess that’s how the cusps roll up in Bodø! It didn’t make a difference in the result anyway. Another day another win!

Published by Astro Ali

I have a computer science/math background(Computer Science A.S, Applied Math Bsc) and started off predicting baseball games using math modelling. In a search to improve my accuracy, I discovered an out of this world, perfectly consistent method that can not only predict the outcomes of sports games 100%...but the future as well. I'm sticking to sports events at the moment though :).

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