Pluto, the Destroyer

In the “second-tier” Champions league of South America, the home team from Paraguay were favored against the visiting Brazilian squad. With the Antiscion of Fortuna on the first house, it seemed to indicate an easy win for the home team but there was another significant aspect against them that eluded my eyes. The Moon making a sextile to Fortuna did add more confidence for the host, but it could not escape the power of Pluto’s conjunction to Fortuna, and the home favorites were upset by the underdogs. When reading this chart a few days ago, I did not give Pluto’s conjunction to FOrtuna much importance as Pluto was retrograde after all. With experience I was already aware that Pluto or any of the other two outer planets didn’t lose their power when ruling over a significant cusp while in retrograde,(According to Frawley all planets do) but did not apply that same principle when they made an aspect with Fortuna. That was because I was still following Frawley’s rule from chapter 2 in his book Sports Astrology, that if a planet turns retrograde before it reaches Fortuna, then the aspect doesn’t count. So another revision made! And I have learned that the outer planets being retrograde don’t lose their power when making aspects to other planets/points either! Pluto destroys the favored’s advantage.

Published by Astro Ali

I have a computer science/math background(Computer Science A.S, Applied Math Bsc) and started off predicting baseball games using math modelling. In a search to improve my accuracy, I discovered an out of this world, perfectly consistent method that can not only predict the outcomes of sports games 100%...but the future as well. I'm sticking to sports events at the moment though :).

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